TaxAssit introduction
3 pm* :
your own e-shop
in your market place
PSMarketPlace is an A.S.P* platform exclusive with high scalability, declinable to infinity.
Produces automatically BtoB BtoC unlimited eshops,
Aggregates them in marketplaces,
And in thematic and geographical search engines,
Locating each product, activity and service,
Multiplying entries in search results,
And in this way improving the ranking of eshops.
Each eshop produced is highly customizable from smartphones, simply using our online private CMS.
Instantly adds, removes and updates products,
Groupable in mini-portal simply by inviting its working partners, like friends on facebook,
Directly from smartphones, tabletts laptops and desktops,
Everywhere, our pages load 3 to 5 times faster than those of a Wordpress or Joomla ...
Customizable marketplace for :
Shoping center,
Franchisee network
Organizer of fairs, exhibitions, events,
Multi-location brand or multi-activity group
National association with local representations,
or simply group professionals by activity or business ...
* Online subscription for a complete eshop as above described; Additional services as personal assistance, web design and other on demand.
Updatable eshops for each small business :
Easily, without any HTML knowledge for you
retailers, craftsmen,
producers, farmers,
Every self-employed and small company,
non profit organisations and societies.
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Our solutions are innovative, efficient and the cheapest in the market, really.
Historical partnerships.
Etpuisvoila ltd web applications management
Marketing services, applications management. UK Web Agency
Front end integration, web design, webmastering. professional web hosting services
Professional Hosting services.
FPCI French Vocational Training
Vocational training
Corresponding for French market.